Earthwisdom is a general term for all the wisdom gathered though the hundreds or thousand of generations, humans have lived on the planet Earth in close relationship with all life, seeing themselves as part of life and seeing all other life forms as “relatives”.

In the time we live in, many humans are beginning to realize that we have forgotten who we really are and forgotten where we come from. We have separated ourselves from life around us by trying to exploit nature instead of collaborating with it.

As a result of this there is a growing yearning among many people for finding our way back to ourselves. And we have realized that the old people – those we used to call uncivilized and barbarian – actually carried an extremely rich life wisdom and life knowledge, that is based on thousand of years of studying and learning from life around them as well as the universe we live in.

Much of this wisdom has been lost, due to the genocides, that has been performed by Christianity and other cultures over the last few centuries – but fortunately not all of it!

Many among the old tribal cultures were very wise – and they saw in time, that the wisdom must be protected for future generations – and so they managed to hide much of it from the conquerors. They knew how important it was to keep the wisdom alive and ready to be shared an appropriate time in the future, when the world would be ready to receive it.

That time seems to be now! A growing number of humans are becoming ready to listen to the old wisdom in these years, and many of those, who are carrying it have decided to being sharing it. So a shift on consciousness has started… and it is moving!

One of the many Earthwisdom traditions that has survived the dark times is called “The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge”. This tradition originates from the Mayan and Pre-Mayan cultures, that were prevalent in Central America for many thousand years, and has been kept alive among the peoples of North and Central America up until today.

This website is meant to inform about how this tradition is held and shared on many levels in Europe in this time. The wisdom is growing slowly but steadily – as will this site over the time to come.If you feel called to – please check the calendar and the links for more information.

Thank you for reading!