How can I take part?

Taking part in The Sundance in this tradition of the Earth Wisdom Medicine is about offering Give-Aways in prayers for Life and for Peace, and this can happen in many ways.

During the Ceremony itself, we will send our prayers out to the Tree of Life through dancing, drumming, singing and meditating. This is the highlight, the main focus and intention of this powerful time together. Everything we do is at service to this time of prayer.

And this kind of prayers can only happen when we also prepare and care for our camp before arriving on the land, in the days running up to the actual Ceremony and at its completion. Some of us are already preparing their prayers, their physical condition as well as the gathering of various equipment, supplies and skills needed.

In the Ceremony, we invite you to take any of the following roles:

  • Dancer – You may dance as many rounds as you choose. It is important to prepare yourself physically by stretching and strengthening yourself a few weeks in advance if you plan to dance many rounds a day. Each round is 45 minutes.
  • Drummer/Singer – The drumming and singing provide the energy to support the dancers – literally. Many are practising in teams. All who intend to sing and drum, please make sure you are available for practice. If you want to drum and haven’t drummed before it is important that you arrive no later than Saturday at noon in Trend forest. If possible it is recommended to take part in drum practice during the months preceding the Dance.
    For more information on this, you can contact StarWalker at
  • Supporter – Supporters sit in the Dance Lodge located in the wheel during the dance rounds. They are those who choose to support the dancers, either in between rounds of dancing or drumming themselves, or because this is how they can best offer their own gift, if, for instance, dancing/drumming presents a physical challenge. You may sit in support as often as you want. This is a time for quiet prayer and meditation, focusing your energy in support of the dancers and the collective prayer in the lodge.
  • Building and caring for the camp – There are many other ways you can help before and/or during the Sundance, by ‘taking point’ (see ‘Organisational Flow’ under ‘Community and Camp Life’ for more information) for any particular area or being part of teams to care for a particular aspect of our time together, living as a tribe.