Community and Camp Life

Since the birth of humankind people have lived together in tribes. They knew that they were deeply connected – their survival depending on this. There was no sense of separation, not from each other, not from Mother Earth and not from all of her children. They lived and moved together in balance and harmony, with each other and all beings on our beautiful planet.

Over time the mindset of separation has come and most humans in our Western World of today have forgotten much about the tribal mind. Yet in the Hearts of many, the yearning is growing into a quest of finding ways to reconnect with this ‘old’ way of living together.

We believe that this knowing can be re-found, re-membered and evolved through our yearning. In our People’s Camp, we come together as a tribe, with the want to be together as ‘a people’. Collectively, we re-member this knowing, building our awareness together and respectfully holding each other in these ‘beginning’ steps of reconnecting with the tribal mind.

Often we think of this tribal mind in terms of practical things (read more about how we organise ourselves in the ceremony on the page about Organisational Structure) which, of course, is an important aspect, and it is also about how we hold and relate with one another to create the whole, the wholeness.

We hold that diversity offers great value and strength for a tribe, and thus all are welcome to bring their gift to the People’s Dance to the Sun.

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