Ceremonial mind
We are coming together in a time of deep Ceremony. This has many aspects to it, which will be opened more during our time together. Here is some information that might be useful to share in advance.

The People’s Dance to the Sun is a peak Ceremony of the year, and it is also a time in which we, as a tribe, weave ourselves together. We meet new and old family members and taking photos of our time together enables us to share some of these memories with others (see links in ‘Community and Camp life’). During our preparation time and after the completion of the dance, you are welcome to use your camera respectfully around the camp, and we ask for this to happen in respect of the deep Ceremony that is unfolding there as well.

During the Dance, we ask for everybody to leave their cameras in the tents and make their memories with their hearts instead.

Mobile phones
Mobile phones enable us to stay in touch with our loved ones and care for aspects of our lives that hold importance and urgency for us. They also can also engage our minds and focus in external concerns, which can interfere with the depth of our prayer.

We therefore invite you to use your mobile phone with mindfulness and in respect, in particular during the Ceremony itself: Should you need to connect with a person outside the camp then please ensure this happens away from the Community/Ceremonial spaces, in respect of the prayers and meditation held there.

Internet Access
Is only occasionally and with luck possible via smart phones.