Children and Families


The nature of this Ceremony requires focus and dedication; it is also a celebration of life, and our young ones of all ages bring a beautiful gift of life to this Ceremony. They also need to be held in a good way.

Bringing children is a give away, as is dancing, preparing, cooking and cleaning. In the ‘tribal mind’ they are the children of the camp, and we are all their grandparents, their cousins, their uncles and aunts, holding and protecting their ground for growth.

At the same time we know that the parents will carry the prime responsibility for their own children. Before arriving to the camp, it is important that both parents and children are aware of the duration and the purpose of the ceremony itself. Children are not required to participate actively in supporting the dance, hence arrangements for their care and safety must be made in advance.

Practicalities in relation to the preparation time:
Two parents of a child/children count as one in relation to the practical preparations and are both placed in the same society/team. It is expected that one of the 2 parents is engaged in the tasks of the society, and that the other parent and the children can choose to participate, whenever possible, but this is not expected.

One parent alone with a child/children is placed in a society for the sake of the building of energy and feeling of connection, and this parent is not expected to be part of the practical tasks at all. Help offered when possible will be regarded as an extra gift.