Medicine Fair

Coming together as a tribe has many aspects. We come together to share our gifts in this life and some of these gifts manifest as physical “Medicine* items” or objects of beauty.

Past years we have had a Medicine Fair, thus many beautiful Medicine items were brought forward and enjoyed great popularity: Sage, sweetgrass, abalone shells, dream catchers, tobacco boxes, feathers, crystals, jewellery, medicine bags and pouches, CDs, postcards and books are some of these Medicine* items. The selection is dependent on the people of the tribe, so who knows; maybe this year we might see flutes, drums, headbands, talking sticks, altar cloths…

We call to all you creative people out there, to bring your craft and beauty to this year’s Fair at the People’s Dance to the Sun.

FireWeaver is our Point for this area, so please contact her at

* ‘Medicine’ in this way and tradition originates from the Ojibwe word “Medowin”, which means wholeness and balance.