Camping and Food


Practicalities around camping
Make sure you bring all you need for outdoor life, camping in an open grass field, in all the weather conditions of the Danish Summer (see What to bring and Good to know about Denmark for more information).

The forest of Trend is a very beautiful and peaceful place. We need to build everything from scratch, so you will experience a basic way of living close to the spirits of nature.

The venue has no special facilities for laundry, we therefore encourage you to bring enough clothes for you to wear without needing to do any extra laundry.

Our main focus of being together is sending our prayers to Life, thus we will have simple nourishing meals prepared with love by our own hands in the outdoor kitchen tent. We recommend that you keep that awareness in mind in the weeks before coming, and simplify your diet a little if needed, especially concerning intake of caffeine and sugar.

If you have any special dietary needs, make sure to make this known when you register, so that our kitchen team can include this in the designing of the menu.