Special Ceremonial Items

During the Ceremony itself we use special medicine clothing and accessories, to support our intention and prayers.

Dancing skirts
Traditionally both men and women wear ceremonial skirts. These are typically wrap-around skirts, which are mid-calf length and can be decorated and embellished with your personal medicine, provided they are practical for the constant movement of the dancing. Simple clothing enhances focus on the prayer. Wearing jewellery, which flops about or is otherwise unsecured, will distract. It is also good to be prepared for rain, as we will continue rain or shine. Some skirts will be provided if needed.

Sturdy, well broken in cross training or running shoes are suggested. Other footwear is at your option. You may choose to dance barefoot or in moccasins.

In this tradition, dancers hold two sturdy feathers, 6 inches or longer, throughout the dance. The meaning of this will be explained during dance preparation and practice time. Bring feathers that are meaningful to you if you have them. Additional feathers will be available if needed.

Brightening Objects
During the dance we have an outdoor Altar. We invite you to place something which is special to you to add some of yourself to the collective energy. This will also gather energy during the Ceremony time and can journey back home with you. This could be a special stone, feather, jewellery…