Registration not possible for 2020 – there will be no People’s Dance to the Sun this year

The Sundance Chiefs have made a difficult decision to not hold the Sundance ceremony this year. We will not meet in person for the Sundance as we usually do.

We have been holding the prayer that the situation around COVID-19 would stabilize, and although things have improved at some level, there is still strong evidence that the virus is able to spread easily under certain conditions making it a challenge to create a safe environment for all.

However, Sundance is a prayer and we can send that prayer in many ways. This we honor. This we will do. We can all participate in our Sundance prayer from where we are.


We ask you to register by filling in the registration formula.

After receiving your registration, you will receive a confirmation email asking you to pay by transferring to the bank account below.

If you have trouble registering, contact SweetBuffalo:

Costs of Food, Camping and Venue Infrastructure
Each year we come together and build our camp together to hold us in our  Prayers. Each adult attending contributes to the costs of hiring the structures, camping and nourishing ourselves. We see this time of being and preparing together as an important part of this Ceremony, and encourage everybody to come from the first to the last day.

Fees per person:
Adults – from 18 years                     2300 DKKR (¢310 / £280)
Children 13-17 years inclusive      1600 DKKR (¢215 / £185)
Children 5-12 years inclusive        1100 DKKR (¢150 / £125)
Children 0-4 years for free

Early bird rate if registering before May 10th: DKK 2200 / € 295 / £ 265
If you bring your payment in cash to the Ceremony please bring Danish kroner.


  • 3 or more paying children in a family: 20% discount on the total children fee
  • 2 paying children in a family: 10% discount on the total children fee
  • 1 paying child in a family: no discount

Please state your name very clearly when you pay, so that we can register your payment correctly.

Faelleskassen 8411 account: 0004135657

IBAN: DK8084110004135657

If you are Danish, you can also pay via MOBILE PAY: 65854

Difficulties in transferring the costs:
If you have problems with transferring, we are willing to receive cash payment for the ceremony in Danish currency!

In addition, there is a Ceremony Fee of US $200 which is to be paid directly on website: