The Peoples International Dance to the Sun

July 19 - 28, 2024

What is Sundance?

Sundance is a deep celebration ceremony held in the summertime when the light is bright and strong and all life energies are at their highest level.

We gather as a people in the forest around the Tree of Life to celebrate and appreciate all Life through drumming, dancing and sending our energy out into the Universe. During the time we are together, we choose to live together as a tribe.

We build our camp together, prepare and enjoy our food together, nurture our fire, share our stories and laugh, drum, sing and dance, all in honoring the Sacred Dream of Life.

This ceremony is an old tradition, brought to us by some of the indigenous peoples of North America, and we are in deep appreciation for their wisdom, that teaches us how to walk on Mother Earth in balance and respect for Life and for the Good of All.

the people's dance to the sun


Since the birth of humankind people have lived together in tribes. They always knew that they were deeply connected – and that their survival depended on this. In the tribes there was no sense of separation, not from each other and not from Mother Earth and all of her (other) children. The people lived and moved together in balance and harmony with each other as well as all the other beings on our beautiful planet.

Over time the mindset of separation evolved and most humans in our Western World of today have forgotten much – if not all – about the tribal mindset. Yet in the hearts of many there is a yearning growing for going on a quest to find ways to reconnect with the ‘old’ way of living together.

We believe that this knowledge can be re-found, re-membered and re-lived through our yearning. In our People’s Camp, we come together with the intention to be together as ‘a people’ – as a tribe. Collectively, we re-member the old tribal ways, build our awareness together and respectfully hold each other with the tribal mind.

Oftentimes we think of the tribal mind in terms of practical things.

This, of course, is an important aspect, especially in these modern times. Most human beings in the current modern civilisation have collectively forgotten how to “be” because we are so busy “doing”. Hence it would be beneficial for all of us to re-learn how to hold an awareness of “being while doing”. That is part of what we try to create as we hold and relate with one another while building the wholeness of the camp and dancing the Sundance.

We also hold that diversity offers great value and strength in a tribe. Therefore you are welcome to join us at the People’s Dance to the Sun.