The Peoples International Dance to the Sun

July 19 - 28, 2024


After you have registered for the ceremony, you will receive a confirmation email asking you to pay by transferring to the bank account below.

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Costs of Food, Camping and Venue Infrastructure
Each year we come together and build our camp together. Each adult attending contributes to the costs of renting the structures and the forest, firewood, miscellaneous materials and food. We see this time of being and preparing together as an important part of this ceremony, and encourage everybody to come from the first to the last day.

For more than 10 years we have not raised our fees since we have been dedicated to keep the fees as low as possible to give as many people as possible the opportunity to participate. However, we have now come to the point that we are no longer able to continue in the same way since we are carrying a significant deficit from prior years.

This year we therefore offer a range of 3 prices for adults. Childrens fee’s will stay the same.

Fees per person: 

Adults – from 18 years 3.500,- DKK (€470) 3.000,- DKK (€400) 2.500,- DKK (€340)
This is the amount that covers the factual costs, and thus the preferred one. This will cover the costs if no less than 40 adults sign up and choose this amount.. This amount is for you, who are familiar with the Sundance and eager to participate but are facing financial challenges.
Children 13-17 years inclusive 1.600,- DKK (€215)
Children 5-12 years inclusive 1.100,-  DKK (€150)
Children 0-4 years inclusive Free
Family discount options (click to see)
  • 3 or more paying children in a family: 20% discount on the total children fee
  • 2 paying children in a family: 10% discount on the total children fee
  • 1 paying child in a family: no discount

Please state your name very clearly when you pay, so that we can register your payment correctly.

Faelleskassen 8411 account: 0004135657
IBAN: DK8084110004135657

Ceremony Fee In addition, we ask you to make a donation to our Sundance Chief WindEagle. She will be grateful for a suggested amount of US $200. Please send your donation directly from her website: »» go there ««

International Sundancers - please read this:

Up until now we have been open for receiving your ceremony fees paid to us cash in Euros. Times are, as you know, in constant change, and it is no longer viable for us to receive the fee in this manner.

We are happy to receive the fee in in Danish cash (kroner) if you are able to bring this to the Forest.

Another great option is to use a relatively new transfer service called Wise” – link:

This service circumvents the traditional banking fees to provide a very fair priced way of moving money across country borders. It is a well-established service; we have used it several times and we recommend it.

Here are a couple of screenshots detailing what the fees could look like.

To use Wise, you need to create your own user on their website; which is quite simple. Then, for transferring the fee to us, you need to create a recipient with our information.

The information you need is this:

Account type:
IBAN Number:
Account name:
Runebergs Alle 8

Then all necessary details should be in place, and you can easily send your fees and donations to us!

Registration is closed