The Art of Being Human-old

Awakening the Power Within – 

– a 1 year journey of discovering the Self and unleashing Life’s potential –

In this current time of great change and global challenge, we are being called to remember who we really are as humans, what our purpose is in the greater perspective and how we can use our individual and collective strengths and gifts to promote balance and well-being for ourselves and for all Life on this beautiful planet we have been entrusted with.

 Through an ancient wisdom tradition called “the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge” originating from the Mayan and pre-Mayan peoples – you will learn and integrate tools and concepts  that offer a balanced and sustainable way to uncover the truth of who you are in this life and unleash your innate power to be the Sacred Human – one who is walking the Path of Higher Consciousness.

The people of the ancient Maya and pre-Maya cultures learned – from thousands of years of studying the Universe around and within us – that humans are an essential part of nature and therefore deeply connected with all of Life on all levels. They learned that a way to get to know the Self is to study life around us, so they designed a “map” of the Universe and a set of tools and concepts for Self Knowledge – today known as the “Medicine Wheel” or the “Medicine Way” or “The Red Road” or “The Beauty Way”….. 

In the program you will:

  • build a foundation for a conscious relationship with ‘all our relations’ (animals, plants, water, stones etc.)
  • learn how to grow the eight primary Shields of Power within the human
  • reach a deeper level of self-knowledge and balanced harmony in the self through integration and practices of the ancient tools and concepts
  • re-awaken your remembrance of our place as humans in the universe
  • take full authorship of your life 

All the ceremonies will contain teachings, story, experiences, personal work – individually and in smaller groups, deep sharing and much more. 

In between the ceremonies you will be asked to deepen your learning through suggested practices and work together in small teams at an online forum.

We who offer this journey have studied this old teaching bundle for 20+ years with WindEagle & RainbowHawk of Ehama Institute in New Mexico, USA. We are certified by Ehama Institute to share the essential tools and concepts in the world.  

We are honored to be able to offer these life transforming teachings to anyone, who feel called at this time in the history of Humankind.


There will be 4 gatherings of 3 days – from Thursdays late afternoon to Sundays mid afternoon.

1st gathering:
March 2-5, 2023
2nd gathering:
June 1-4, 2023
3rd gathering:
August 17-20, 2023
4th gathering:
November 16-19, 2023 
Introduction day:
November 5, 2022 
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Rotundare Seminarhaus,
Oberborn str. 21,


The cost for the whole journey is:
Teaching: €1.250,00
Accommodation & Food: 280,00€  to 310,00€ (depending on room categories) per ceremony.
More information will be shared after registration.
Travel costs are not included.
We ask that you pay a deposit of €500,00 on signup to secure your space.
The rest will be due by January 1st, 2023.



In case you need to cancel, please let us know by email. For cancellations up to and including the 1st of January 2023 we will refund your payments in full, less a €50 processing fee. If you cancel after January 1st, no refund is available unless we can fill your space. If we can fill your place you will receive full refund less a €50 processing fee. 


Else-Marie Bierlich

Anders Thomasen
Thomas Spahl

Certified Council Guides by Ehama Institute * , New Mexico, USA
* Ehama Institute is founded by WindEagle & RainbowHawk, keepers of  “The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge”